Understanding P.G.R.s

You may have seen a lot of graphics on the internet regarding cannabis and the use of PGRs, or plant growth regulators that look like this: These graphics are extremely misleading. Genetics and environment often play a large role in what finished flower looks like. Genetically some cultivars are simply made to look either way,Continue reading “Understanding P.G.R.s”

Gabrielle Dion Visca on Cannabis and starting MedicateOH

STORIES FROM THE COMMUNITY Gabby Dion Visca talks about her experience with Marijuana as Medicine, and sharing her new-found healing with others Co-Founder of MedicateOH Magazine Joined Cannabis Industry: 2019 written by for WomenCann My Cannabis Story An Ohioan by birth, my cannabis story begins way across the country in Nevada in 2015.  I hadContinue reading “Gabrielle Dion Visca on Cannabis and starting MedicateOH”

My Cannabis Story: A Nurse’s Perspective

I was introduced to cannabis like most people, in college. I met this really cute boy, who would eventually become my really cute husband. We would drive around campus and smoke in his car. We called them “cruises”. I was in the experimenting phase of my life, trying different types of alcohol, trying out cannabis,Continue reading “My Cannabis Story: A Nurse’s Perspective”

From Seed to Supply: How an Ohio Cultivator Makes it Happen with your Meds

The goal of every cultivator in Ohio is to produce the best possible medication for the patients. The process to go from seed to sale is longer and more involved than many people think. Every grow is different, but at Buckeye Relief, success is dependent on our multiple smaller teams communicating and working together towardsContinue reading “From Seed to Supply: How an Ohio Cultivator Makes it Happen with your Meds”

A Woman Leader in a Male-Dominated Industry

STORIES FROM THE COMMUNITY A Conversation with Lisa Burgess Director of Cultivation at Buckeye Relief Joined Cannabis Industry: 2018 WomenCann reached out to Lisa Burgess for a quick discussion about her time in the cannabis industry – from gardener to director.  How did you end up in the Cannabis industry? Lisa Burgess: “My path toContinue reading “A Woman Leader in a Male-Dominated Industry”

An Intro to Women’s Sexual Health and Cannabis

As cannabis consumption increases throughout our market, more consumers are reporting the association between cannabis use and sexual frequency.   Particularly with women, who are not only having more sex, but its better sex. A recent scientific study claims that women’s sexual health and cannabis are highly linked – women who smoke before sex haveContinue reading “An Intro to Women’s Sexual Health and Cannabis”

Suffering from a UTI? Cannabis Could Help

If you’ve ever experienced a Urinary Tract Infection, you are well-versed in the symptoms that come with it.  The burning, stomach pain and, of course, the embarrassment.   Urinary Tract Infections are one of the most common bacterial infections that Women will get over their lifetime, accounting for 25% of all infections.  More than half ofContinue reading “Suffering from a UTI? Cannabis Could Help”

Get Creative with Cannabis

There’s nothing like smoking a joint among craft supplies where a spark of creative thinking ensues.  Plenty of anecdotal evidence suggests that consuming a low to moderate amount of THC could lead to divergent creative thinking, the kind of sporadic, out of the box brainstorm-like thoughts that can be applied to art, writing, music, andContinue reading “Get Creative with Cannabis”

Brush Brush Pass – Cannabis Makeup is Here!

Picture this – you’re at your favorite makeup spot and you spot a cannabis leaf on some packaging.  Why? You decide to investigate. The label reads “cannabis infused primer”.  You pick up another –  “cannabis infused foundation”. And another! “Cannabis infused lipstick”. So what’s the catch? Do these products have any benefits, or is thisContinue reading “Brush Brush Pass – Cannabis Makeup is Here!”

Cannabinoids – Cannabi – what?

Cannabinoids. What are they? What do they have to do with Marijuana?   The bioactive compounds that are present in the Marijuana plant selectively bind to cannabinoid-shaped receptors encoded by our genes.  Spread throughout your brain and nervous system are these such cannabinoid receptors – known as CB1 and CB2 receptors.  The importance of these receptorsContinue reading “Cannabinoids – Cannabi – what?”