About Us

About Us

Mission and Vision

WomenCann is a non-profit organization with the mission of empowering women by providing a safe space for education, support, and advocacy surrounding cannabis and the women in the state of Ohio.

Who We Are

We are a collective of women of all ages, backgrounds, and experiences who love cannabis and the positive affects the medicinal plant has had in our lives. We strive to build an inclusive and empowering community to make a change in this industry and life surrounding marijuana.

Why WomenCann?

Today, women within the Cannabis industry – employees and patients alike – still feel unheard, miseducated and unrepresented. By beginning to collect and connect with a series of personal narratives from other women within the industry, and through my own personal experiences as a patient, advocate, and young professional – it has become apparent that while there’s a considerable amount of opportunity for women to have an impact on this unique industry, we still have a substantial amount of work to do to establish equal opportunity and representation across the board. WomenCann will be an integral part of the representation, education and advocacy of women and cannabis.

The significant shortage of representation, disproportionate access to educational resources, and the overall need for a sense of community surrounding women and cannabis are all addressed within WomenCann. The organization itself represents several aspects of women and cannabis by providing women-centered educational resources, partnerships with organizations in the cannabis community and the integration of gender transformative principles in cannabis health promotion and prevention.

Lydia Gall, Founder and President