There’s nothing like smoking a joint among craft supplies where a spark of creative thinking ensues. 

Plenty of anecdotal evidence suggests that consuming a low to moderate amount of THC could lead to divergent creative thinking, the kind of sporadic, out of the box brainstorm-like thoughts that can be applied to art, writing, music, and more! This divergent creative thinking is the result of increased blood flow to the frontal lobes. Research done by Dr. Alice Flaherty implies that cannabis may affect this cerebral blood flow. 

Many add toking to their art ritual. Vincent Gordon, Alexandra Caprice, Anita Toke, Pierre Schmidt, and Fernando de la Rocque are artists who’ve been inspired by weed. Their work is collectively unique and showcases their experiences and iterations of cannabis. Surprisingly, yet understandably, William Shakespeare and Pablo Picasso used cannabis to fuel their legendary work.  

Everyone has different experiences with cannabis use, some suggest not to ingest a high level of THC since you may end up on the couch, relaxing more than actively thinking. However, that may be a great time to get inspiration by browsing other artist’s work or music for the moment you’re ready to put your own ideas into action. Artists that struggle with anxiety may want to get into a zen creative groove with a calming indica. Alternatively, a sativa strain could energize a heightened intrigue for out-of-the-box thinking. 

Whether your cannabis-sparked creativity is translated through product package design, top rated music, film, or a “puff n’ paint” class, there is an apparent link between cannabis and a free thinking mind.