Picture this – you’re at your favorite makeup spot and you spot a cannabis leaf on some packaging.  Why? You decide to investigate. The label reads “cannabis infused primer”.  You pick up another –  “cannabis infused foundation”. And another! “Cannabis infused lipstick”. So what’s the catch? Do these products have any benefits, or is this marketing just for show?

Let’s debunk some myths.

Hemp, CBD, and THC in beauty products? Why?

Most of the cannabis makeup is going to be created using cannabis oil (an offshoot of hemp oil). This oil makes its way into primers, mascaras, palettes and even skincare! So, what benefit does cannabis makeup bring to your beauty routine?

Hemp oil is known to promote hair growth, which makes it an obvious choice for a mascara additive. The cannabinoids contained in cannabis and its extracts can help provide moisture for your skin, while the antioxidants in reduce signs of with aging. Some studies have shown that cannabis oil has stronger effects than Vitamin C&E.

Cannabis oil is becoming a hot ingredient in lotions, acne treatments and other skin products due to its anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties. Anti-aging products are also hopping on the cannabis skincare train! It can help with collagen production, keeping your skin firm and elastic.

Now, this all sounds like a great recipe for healthy, happy and clean skin but the question still remains:

Will you get high?

The answer to that is, no, you will not get high.

Many people assume that cannabis makeup can cause you to get high, especially if it has THC – the psychoactive ingredient. But makeup, like other salves and lotions, can only provide centralized relief.

Hemp infused, THC infused and CBD infused. When should I use which?

 Here are some recommendations for when to use which type of makeup:  Hemp infused makeup is great for “nurturing” effects. Having issues with hard, dry skin? Wrinkly skin? Trying to hide your crows feet behind some sunglasses? Hemp infused makeup could help attack all of those issues because it is full of omega fatty acids. Now what are omega fatty acids? These fatty acids are an essential, healthy and important fat that our body needs to maintain homeostasis and keep our body in equilibrium. This is why it’s so good for the skin! 

THC/CBD makeup is good for “treatment” effects. Is your head throbbing? Did this month’s period bring acne and chocolate cravings? Do you wear a face mask just to hide your rosacea? THC/CBD infused makeup could provide relief for this! 

 Just a few quick beauty tips for the road.

Always apply makeup to a clean face, drink plenty of water, work out, eat healthy, get your beauty rest and love that face in the mirror every time you see it, makeup or not! Drew Evans

Written by Drew Evans